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Show up as the best version of YOU.

Do you ever find yourself wanting a second chance to play out a stressful moment in your day?


Or look back at that challenging moment whether it was a charged conversation, important presentation, or missed opportunity, and wish for a DO OVER?


This time playing the more confident and courageous version of yourself?



Or perhaps you would love to show up as the YOU that is calm, patient, and aware, each time interactions get heated, emotions build up, or words of injustice or fear are hurled your way?


This time responding from a place of compassion for others around you, as well as for yourself?



Or perhaps you are simply longing to find ease within the chaos and the unknown?

And be able to come back to a place within that is centered and steady, despite not knowing how others will show up, or what is going to happen next?



Many of us have experimented with and mindfully cultivated strong mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices that guide and support us in our everyday well-being.  It may be a meditation or yoga practice, a physical endeavor or creative outlet, or a communication model carefully crafted to navigate conflict resolution.  These practices can be wholly fulfilling, and help us honor our intentions to take care of ourselves, while refueling us to also be able to offer our best to others.


And yet...We still lose it!


What happens when...


We can’t have a timeout to sit and meditate for 5 minutes?


Or run a lap around the block to clear our mind?

Or use our lunch break to call a friend for their perspective?



What happens when we are in a situation that demands our attention and skillful response IN THE MOMENT?


Because stress shows up in our bodies first, and our brains are wired to keep us alive, many of these self-care practices, fly out the window (despite our best intentions), when even small amounts of stress present themselves during our day.


The question for us during these times is...


How do we bridge the calm, easeful, centered way of being we experience during these self-care practices, with what life is presenting us in the moment?







Yes... This is THE Question.


AND this is evidence that we are human!  If it were a matter of just understanding or knowing how best to respond - our bright, brilliant selves would have figured it out long ago. 


At Meet the Moment Well, we use a movement-based approach drawing on mindfulness and the non-violent martial art of Aikido, to show up skillfully, embodying whatever quality is needed most in the moment. By working with the body, we CAN change the brain.


Whenever possible, we also love to incorporate the outdoors into our sessions.  Being close to the elements, reconnecting to the earth, and ourselves within that place, is an integral part of our programs!



Lake Atitlan blue fog.jpg


In stressful interactions with others I’ve been able to pause before reacting. When I feel my body tightening up, I stand tall, take a deep breath, and relax my arms. I notice my surroundings more. All of this helps me recognize the need to either wait to have the conversation, or make a shift in the moment and respond better…from a place of truth and greater perspective.  Whichever the timing, I am able to honor myself, honor others, and honor the moment. By speaking up, I can get my message across with honesty and clarity, instead of shrinking or acting as if my thoughts don’t matter.

S. P.



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