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What would it look like to be part of a team that...

  • Embraces tough conversations and moments of challenge with compassion and courage?

  • Creates space for voices to be truly shared and truly heard?

  • Acknowledges the inevitable vulnerability and potential discomfort that can come with authenticity?

  • Honors and supports the process of building trusting relationships?

  • Encourages curiosity and a willingness to make mistakes while navigating through all of the above?

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Listening without taking things personally is huge and has been groundbreaking. I am still learning how to do it and even being aware that I am taking it personally is helpful because it allows me to process what’s happening more quickly and soften more readily…Also my priorities have shifted. I make more decisions that are supportive to my current intentions, and I am finding that I am showing up more honestly in my relationship to myself and others.



Like learning many new things, embodiment practices require just that – practice!  In light of this, the process to make significant shifts can take time, repetition, and often isn’t intuitive.  At the same time, however, the presence and actions of one person, in just a few seconds, can shift an entire room.  

Investing in learning how to utilize the body as a form of leadership development, is like an athlete or musician that dedicates time to refine their technique and skill with hours and hours of practice.  

We literally develop new neural pathways, or reinforce existing ones, that over time contribute to an awareness that helps us recover from the physical reactive stress responses that derail us in challenging moments.

Through cultivating this awareness, and changing our physical form and focus, we have greater access to our capacity for creativity, compassion, big picture thinking and innate wisdom.  We can have a leadership presence that is powerful and impactful.

During our sessions together, we utilize movement based practices to experientially learn how to become more resourceful, resilient, and effective.   

Chances are this work will roll over into every area of your life, as developing skills to be a better version of yourself benefits you, your colleagues, loved ones and community as well. 

Get in touch and let us know how we can best serve your team!


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