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IF you could change one single thing about any current challenge in your life, what would you change?


If it involves immediately replacing political leaders, having instant unlimited wealth, or “fixing” your kids, spouse or parents, perhaps we aren’t an exact fit at this time.


However, if it involves showing up for yourself and for people and causes that are important to you with


Greater awareness, ease and courage when it would be easier to retreat, overreact, or do nothing


Increased ability to listen without taking things personally, and effectively speak your own truth in a way that can be heard


Capacity to practice both patience and compassion despite feelings of anger, fear or pain


 …Then giddy up!  We have good work to do together.

What does that work look like exactly?

What’s the WHAT?
Since the body learns through contrast and repetition (and our primary focus is on the body), we work to establish a practice that can be brought in to any challenging moment, at any given time, with anyone or anything.

Who’s in your posse?
We articulate and cultivate a collection of inspiration that helps you draw on the support and resources that exist all around, no matter who you’re with, where you are, or what the challenge entails.

Where's (wears) your new groove?
We practice, practice, practice, so that the body and brain can develop new neural pathways, as well as new ways of being.

In short, our sessions together will span 4-6 months and involve support, guidance, inspiration, movement-based practices, science-based information (in case your mind needs attention or affirmation around the work), and possibly some time together outside!


If this sounds like a good fit for you, or you’d like more information, please be in touch! 

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One of the greatest things I learned working with Kelly, is how to listen without taking things personally. Though simple in concept, it is challenging to practice in the heat of the moment. It’s easier now to put myself in others’ shoes and consistently have perspective. I can take criticism better, realizing it’s not personal, and that others are not trying to hurt me. This has been such a huge help in my professional and personal life!




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